Fingerprint Keepsakes

Scan fingerprints easily with Loved Remembered's Fingerprint Keepsakes scanner. App available on download in the Google Play store.


Loved Remembered now offers Funeral Homes a unique KEY system for capturing fingerprints. Our fingerprint scanner software offers a free upgrade that allows you to automatically assign a numeric KEY to a set of fingerprints. Use this KEY to conveniently order online. You can also send this KEY to family members and they can purchase jewelry directly on this website, delivered to their home.

Watch the How-To Setup Scanner & Phone tutorial or read through instructions below:


 Here is the link to the Fingerprint Keepsakes app. Click to open up Google Play Store and follow these simple steps to install and capture fingerprints.

Step 1 - Install and open the app.

Install Fingerprint Keepsakes App - How To

Step 2 -  A pop up will appear asking to allow Fingerprint Keepsakes to access photos and media on your device - tap Allow.

Step 3 - Privacy Policy - tap Allow.


 Step 4 - Sign in with Google - Choose an account. This can be the same email address you have used to set up the tablet. 


Step 5 - Data Sharing Disclosure - tap Accept.

Step 6 - Account Settings - Affiliation: Loved Remembered. Select your Funeral Home from the dropdown list (to get your funeral home on this list, please contact us).

Step 7 - Scan Settings - it is recommended that you tick the box that automatically sends KEY when a new Session is created (a session is 3 fingerprints scanned).

Step 8 - Type in the email address where you would like the KEY sent to each time a Session is created. IMPORTANT: Tick the box labeled Share Drive Folder with provider (Loved Remembered).

Above are general settings that will only have to set up once.

You are now ready to take fingerprints:

Step 9 - To connect the USB Scanner, plug in the fingerprint scanner to the tablet and tap the tick box.

Step 10 - Tap Start A New Scan Session.

Step 11 - To identify the set of 3 fingerprints there is an automatic identification KEY assigned. This will be used to place jewelry orders. Type in ID (ie. name).

Step 12 - It is recommended that you make sure the box is ticked to send the identification KEY to your email and to family member’s emails.

Step 13 - Type in family member’s emails and tap Done.