Fingerprint Keepsakes

Scan fingerprints easily with Loved Remembered's Fingerprint Keepsakes scanner. App available on download on Google Play.

Watch the How-To Setup Scanner & Phone tutorial or read through instructions below:


 Here is the link to the Fingerprint Keepsakes app. Click to open up Google Play Store and follow these simple steps to install and capture fingerprints.

Step 1 - Tap Install

Step 2 - Tap Open

Step 3 - Tap Allow

 Step 4 - Tap the Google account to manage your fingerprint storage 


Step 5 - Tap the two check boxes shown to allow the app permission for email notification and drive storage

Step 6 - Swipe up to tap Continue

Step 7 - Read the welcome message and tap Start Scanning


Step 8 - Plug in the USB scanner and tap the check box and then tap OK to associate the scanner with Fingerprint Keepsakes

Step 9 - Tap the check box on the Connect USB Scanner button and you will see the Scanner Connected label appear

Step 10 - Tap Setup Scan Session and enter the name or number for the fingerprints to be taken during this scan session and then press Back

Step 11 - Tap Capture to turn on the fingerprint scanner

Step 12 - Use the fingerprint scanner to take prints and tap Save to keep the ones you want to store on your Google Drive

Fingerprints can be found on your accounts Google Drive in the Fingerprint folder. You can access them by logging into our Google account anytime and anywhere.