SKU: G2436P
Please use the "Order Key" provided by LovedRemembered that matches the decedent for this order.
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An Order KEY is a record of your loved one. It is emailed to you from your funeral home and gives you access to purchase jewellery online.


Diamond necklace studded heart with stunning center stone suspended in a unique quiver setting.

The slightest movement creates an unrivaled display of light and reflection, amplifying the diamond's brilliance through continuous motion.

  • 10 karat white gold with a 10 karat pink gold disc
  • Both sides of the disc can be personalized with text and/or fingerprint engraving. 
  • H 10.49 mm X W 9.23 mm X D 6.41 mm
  • 0.20 ct of diamonds
  • Fingerprint and text engraving available; no extra charge
  • 18″ white gold chain
  • Jewellery Box included, holds a photo and your diamond necklace (see photo).
  • Does NOT hold cremains.


Follow the prompts to upload a photograph. The photo will be inserted into your jewellery box as per your instructions.


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